Weather: Tornadoes predicted as farmers rush to get their stock out of the cold

Get ready, the weather's about to throw a bit of everything at us. Heavy snow, heavy rain, large hail and strong wind - even some tornadoes are predicted.

Another polar blast has crept slowly across the South Island on Saturday, bringing snow to just 300 metres. 

The severe weather has closed roads, brought flooding and even knocked out power to some parts of Canterbury. 

Snow is not just falling but being blown horizontally. Farmers have been rushing to make pens and get their stock out of the cold. 

The slow-moving snowy system is leaving newborn lambs shivering but so far there have been no reports of casualties in inland Canterbury and Otago.

"We're just bringing all the lambs in that have just lambed overnight," farmer Mrs Cartwright told Newshub. "We are right in the thick of it right now so we've just got to deal with it."

The Crown Range Pass between Arrowtown and Wanaka caught out a number of drivers - some who didn't know how to put chains on.

Slips and snow have also shut Porters Pass, the inland route from Christchurch to Arthur's Pass.

"It is what it is, there's no point getting too worried about it, there's plenty of other places to go. Rather be safe," driver Mark Sinclair told Newshub.

These tourists had never seen anything like it.

"This is my first time to see the snow," one told Newshub. "It's the first time I drive in this kind of weather conditions, it's so so cool."

And para-athletes heading to a festival in Queenstown were thankful for the thick blanket.

"We're just going to go out there and ski, hopefully, inspire some people to go get on the mountain," one told Newshub.

In Canterbury, there have been some signs of spring - but heavy rain is a reminder its definitely still winter.