Weather: Wind leaves 50-foot boat overturned, tosses containers into Auckland harbour

Wind caused havoc in Auckland on Monday, flipping huge boats and blowing containers off their stacks.

A tornado-like waterspout reportedly hit downtown Auckland late at night near Silo Park and the port.

Emergency services had to remove one person from their car on Tinley St around 10:30pm after a container was blown off a stack on Jellicoe Wharf.

A 50-foot catamaran moored at Westhaven Marina was overturned and there are reports other boats, including a ferry, came off their moorings.

A boat out on the water towing debris.
The clean up begins. Photo credit: Newshub/Sinelle Fernandez

Harbourmaster Captain Andrew Hayton told Newshub the storm caused minor damage to wharves and pontoons from North Head to the Harbour Bridge.

The catamaran's capsize caused a small amount of diesel spillage, but there are no concerns about pollution.

Coastguard duty officer Hemi Manaena told Newshub debris blown into the harbour could pose a navigation risk on Tuesday.

Manaena said Coastguard members worked through the night to fix the situation, but they had been called to quite the scene.

"Reports of quite large recreational vessels that had flipped over, also reports of shipping containers, large portacom units, cars a whole lot of other bits and pieces that were lost in the harbour."

A large shipping container is reportedly submerged next to the Auckland Maritime Museum.

It's not the first time wild weather hit New Zealand this week. Storms and tornadoes ripped through Auckland and New Plymouth throughout Sunday and Monday. 

Iconic events centre The Cloud had to be evacuated on Sunday evening after part of the roof blew off.

New Plymouth man John Bamford watched as a tornado blew through his property on Monday morning.

The water spout.
The water spout in action. Photo credit: Supplied/Instagram/Shadow and Shade NZ

"I was having breakfast saw it come straight through the windows, it annihilated all the lounge, took all the windows out, took tables threw them up in the air annihilated trees that are 40 odd years old."


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