Wellington City Council admits hand statue is 'a little creepy'

Wellington City Council admits hand statue is 'a little creepy'
Photo credit: Supplied/ Christchurch Art Gallery

The instalment of a new "nightmarish" sculpture atop Wellington's City Gallery has caused controversy across the capital - and now the city council has weighed in.

Wellington City Council stood up for the city's new artwork initially, posting its support on Twitter.

"This 'nightmare' is our delightful new resident and we won't hear a word against him," it wrote on Wednesday.

The tweet was accompanied by a frighteningly close-up picture of Quasi.

"We love this little guy. So if you're not a fan I suggest you talk to the hand," the council continued, accompanied by another picture of the sculpture.

However, a picture of Quasi in the darkest hour of the night seemed to sway Wellington City Council.

In the image, Quasi stares blankly into the camera, illuminated in the blackness by a bright light.

"Well, okay," wrote the council.

"It is a little creepy…"

Quasi has made world news since his arrival in Wellington from Christchurch.

The giant, anthropomorphic hand was airlifted into place on Monday and instantly received ruthless criticism.

The five-metre tall hand was called "nightmarish," "hideous" "frightening" by social media users.

 He's scheduled to be stationed above the gallery for the next three to four years.