Wellsford locals complain of car damage due to 'crap' state of local roads

Wellsford locals are lashing out at the state of their roads, claiming they are so bad that their vehicles are getting damaged.

Locals shared their frustrations on the Wellsford Facebook page, complaining of punctures due to huge potholes in the road.

One person even said they didn't want to go out on the roads at the moment due to the state of them.

Newshub spoke to Steven Sauer, an employee at the local tyre shop who made the initial post. 

He said business is booming and he's had plenty of car trouble of his own due to the roads.

"It's getting ridiculous now. I even have two buckled rims on my car from huge potholes. $2500 rims just smashed up due to the crap roads."

A road with potholes.
Potholes and sharp rocks in the roads in Wellsford. Photo credit: Supplied/Steven Sauer

At the moment the worst potholes he's heard of are around Run Rd, Oruawharo Rd and Wayby Station Rd.

Auckland Transport says the roads have been damaged by rain over the last eight weeks and are in the process of being fixed.

A spokesperson told Newshub patching is currently underway on Wayby Station Rd, and Run Rd is currently being graded, expected to be finished tomorrow.

The pothole crew will move on to Prictor Rd after finishing on Wayby Station Rd. Auckland Transport doesn't manage Oruwharo Rd, which is part of the Kaipara District.

A rock on the ground.
A rock on the ground. Photo credit: Supplied/Steven Sauer

People who have had their cars damaged by the road can lodge a claim with Auckland Transport, provided they can prove the road damage caused the issue. 

Sauer said he's aware it can be done but he hasn't tried it himself.

"Others have, about 12 that I know of and only two I have seen get any compensation back. That was about four years ago."

Auckland Transport currently has three claims for costs to repair damage lodged from the area.