Wild weather hits Auckland: Up to 75 boats damaged at Westhaven Marina

The full extent of the destruction left by Monday's night "epic" storm continues to emerge, with up to 75 boats damaged at a central Auckland marina.

A wild mix of lightning, heavy rain, gales and hailstones pummelled Auckland on Monday, tossing containers from a stack on Jellicoe Wharf and pulling boats from their moorings.

Westhaven Marina Management says up to 75 boats were damaged at the central Auckland marina. One of those damaged was a 13-tonne catamaran which flipped off its mooring.

The boat's owners Andrew and Viv Steward say they are "gutted", having sailed the vessel over from Australia. It was nearly finished being refurbished in time for the summer and Andrew had been down at the boat on Monday putting lines on it to secure it.

"We thought it was a hoax when they told us what happened, and even seeing it we can't quite believe how it happened."

Wild weather hits Auckland: Up to 75 boats damaged at Westhaven Marina
Photo credit: Newshub.

Harbourmaster Captain Andrew Hayton told Newshub earlier on Tuesday that the storm caused minor damage to wharves and pontoons from North Head to the Harbour Bridge.

Debris blown into the harbour may pose a navigation risk, according to Coastguard duty officer Hemi Manaena.

Manaena said Coastguard members worked through the night to fix the situation, but they had been called to quite the scene.

"Reports of quite large recreational vessels that had flipped over, also reports of shipping containers, large portacom units, cars a whole lot of other bits and pieces that were lost in the harbour."

A large shipping container is reportedly submerged next to the Auckland Maritime Museum.

Some Aucklanders have also shared photos of jagged hailstones that fell on Monday.

One resident of Henderson, Auckland sent Newshub pictures of hailstones about 50mm long with spiky edges. The stones had torn through the man's shade sail on Monday night in what he described as an "epic hail storm".

Wild weather hits Auckland: Up to 75 boats damaged at Westhaven Marina
Photo credit: Weatherwatch / Mike McCaughley.

It's not the first time wild weather hit New Zealand this week. Storms and tornadoes ripped through Auckland and New Plymouth throughout Sunday and Monday. 

Iconic events centre The Cloud had to be evacuated on Sunday evening after part of the roof blew off.


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