Auckland Museum asks for selfies for photography collection

Auckland Museum has laid down an unlikely challenge, requesting the public's selfies in its permanent photography collection - but not everyone will make the cut. 

In this day and age, the selfie seems inescapable. Social media has made the selfie an institution of our generation, and now the Auckland institution wants to display them. 

"The reason for doing this is that we have a gap in our collection, and that's from the period where selfies started to become a thing," a museum worker told Newshub. 

To fill the gap, Auckland Museum wants to 'immortalise' 1000 selfies of people showing "their Auckland".

"I think it'll be everything from a fish and chip shop to this building that we're standing in right now, or as far afield as Rangitoto Island," the worker said.

They want all ages, all devices and any location. All that is needed is one selfie in Auckland, taken with an outstretched arm or selfie stick - not by another person. Using filters is also okay. 

The chosen shots will be added to the Auckland Museum's collection, and will be made accessible online for "generations to come".

Competition is likely to be fierce and people are being warned not to take it too far. 

"Whenever people take selfies, they always look for novelty and when you look for novelty, you might just push it out the edge a little bit further than you should," says social media expert Bodo Lang.

"There is always a risk that someone is going to do something dangerous and possibly illegal."

So, there'll be no need to scale any buildings to get snap-happy before entries close at the end of September.