Christchurch terror attack: Exhibition opens to mark six months since shooting

A display commemorating six months since the Christchurch terror attack has opened at the Christchurch Art Gallery.

The display shows tributes left behind for those lost in the shootings, as well as photos of the community in the aftermath of the attack.

Fifty-one people were killed when a gunman opened fire inside the Al Noor (Deans Ave) and Linwood Ave mosques during Friday prayers on March 15.

Sunday will mark six months since the attack and events are planned across Christchurch to mark the occasion.

Al Noor Mosque Imam Gamal Fouda told Newshub it's a bittersweet occasion, to be reminded of the outpouring of love from the community in the wake of such a horrific event.

"I think it is something good, but at the same time people don't want to remember the bad times in their lives."

He said it's going to take a long time for people to move on from the attack.

"It was something horrific, it was something very big, not only to Muslims but all the people of Christchurch and all the people of New Zealand." 

Fouda is worried about children caught up in the events and said they need one-on-one help to process what happened.

"Social workers or psychologists need to go to schools and talk to them about it. The Government should do something about this because it will grow with them."

Meanwhile, Federation of Islamic Associations President Mustafa Farouk told The AM Show victims' progress can't be measured by time, but rather an emotional scale.

"They see some of the items belonging to their loved ones that passed away, they sob, they cheer, so between sobbing down to cheering this is how they measure their own progress."

But he said the wider community is measuring progress by the change made in the wake of the event.

"The gun laws, the Christchurch call for action, some of the engagements with our community that some of the ministers are doing, is how we look at it."


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