Christchurch terror attacks: Survivors still healing six months on

Sunday marks exactly six months since New Zealand's darkest day. On March 15, a gunman opened fire on two Christchurch mosques, killing 51 people and injuring 49.

And in the 'Garden City', emotion is still raw - especially for those who witnessed the terror unfold.

For Ibrahim Abdelhaim, the March terror attacks are still fresh in his mind. Abdelhaim was up the front of Linwood Mosque on the day of the massacre. His wife was shot in the arm while trying to protect a family friend.

"It has come into her, through the arm of my wife so she has died," he says. "My wife is injured and screaming and crying."

He says they both feel lucky to be alive, but they're still hurting for others.

"This feeling about what happened and the way that these people died, it's very hard."

Linwood was the second mosque attacked by the gunman. Police presence remains just down the road at the Deans Ave Al Noor Mosque, where Imam Gamal Fouda says time is slowly healing his community.

"It's really important because the power that we have now, it is because of the community support nationally and internationally," he says. "It is because of this support that we are standing until today."

Those who pray here are feeling safer by the day.

"In terms of support we feel that everyone - strangers, neighbours - everyone has been amazing," one person told Newshub.

"We appreciate that we feeling the one community living side-by-side. so thank you so much. We appreciate that," another said.

Six months on since New Zealand lost its innocence, a community, a city and a nation is still healing.