'Haunted' computer for sale on Trade Me

A "haunted" computer is up for sale on Trade Me - if you're brave enough to buy it.

The 2008 Mac Pro was bought in 2010 for $6000 for movie editing, but turned out to be a bad deal (or possibly cursed).

The computer has an ominous history. The sellers says it's died around 50 times, but has "always come back to life".

"Today when we turned it on for the first time in ages it smelled like a rotting corpse for a while, but we think that was just the dust burning off????? Hard to say," the seller says.

"The whole set up is working right now but sometimes the computer makes a rattling sound like a bag of bones being dragged through its insides. If you give it a whack it'll shut up."

An image of the computer.
An image of the computer. Photo credit: Rmbarnes / Trade Me

The computer also comes with a monitor and keyboard (of unknown specifications), and a couple of programs (which may or may not work).

"If you only want one part of what is pictured, too bad - you WILL take the whole lot off my hands or you WILL suffer for eternity," the seller says.

"Pick up in west Auckland only (after 7:30pm if week nights) because I don't want to be responsible for this thing cursing any transport I put it on."


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