High Court backs decision to block Lauren Southern, Stefan Molyneux

The High Court has backed the decision to cancel far-right advocates Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux's venue booking last year.

The Canadian pair's planned speaking event at the Bruce Mason Centre was cancelled by Regional Facilities Auckland (RFA) due to "security concerns" around the "health and safety" of the presenters, staff and patrons of the event.

At the time, Auckland Mayor Phil Goff said the right to free speech did not mean the right to be provided with an Auckland Council platform for that speech, particularly if doing so "would put the public's security and safety at risk".

"I just think we've got no obligation at all - in a city that's multicultural, inclusive, embraces people of all faiths and ethnicities - to provide a venue for hate speech by people that want to abuse and insult others, either their faith or their ethnicity," Goff told Newshub.

"These individuals who want to incite hatred against others are, in my view, not welcome here," he said.

A judicial review was brought against RFA, seeking a declaration that cancelling the event was unlawful as it didn't take into account the true security risk of the event, and that the decision was driven by Goff.

However on Monday, the High Court released its decision dismissing these claims.

"Its decision was unaffected by any mayoral view, being founded on legitimate security concerns," Justice Pheroze Jagose wrote.

Goff says he is pleased but not surprised by the judgement.

"RFA acted entirely within its powers, cancelling the venue booking due to the public safety risk. That was the right decision and I supported it at the time," he said in a statement on Monday.

"Equally, I made clear my view that people who want to come to our country purely to demean and abuse people on the basis of their faith, race or culture are not welcome here.

"The views espoused by the Canadian pair are repugnant, designed to denigrate minority communities, stir up ethnic tensions and incite hatred."

Southern has been banned from entering the United Kingdom after displaying flyers reading "Allah is a Gay God" and "Allah is trans". She claims the flyers were part of a stunt proving Islam is homophobic.

She has also asked whether Australia will continue to be a "victim of multiculturalism" if it doesn't prevent illegal immigration.

"Do you want to retain your culture? Do you want to retain your borders? Family? Identity? Or will the boats keep coming?" she said in a trailer for the speaking event.

Molyneux has also shared his views in lengthy internet videos, including arguing race is tied to IQ and reportedly saying women are to blame for violent men because adults are informed by "dysfunctional early childhood experiences, which are all run by women".


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