Ihumātao occupiers take protest to Auckland Town Hall

Protesters at Auckland's Ihumātao are heading into the city on Thursday, to take on the council.

Demonstrators will meet outside the Auckland Town Hall to call for a resolution at the housing development site.

Protest leader Pania Newton says central and local government are passing the blame.

"They keep hitting the balls in each other's courts, and so at the moment I think the council has been very quiet because a lot of the focus has been on the Government." 

Newton hopes Auckland Council will consider dipping into funding to buy the sacred land.

"Perhaps they could offer us a land swap? Or they could reach into their heritage fund, or fund for recreation and parks, to help with the purchase of Ihumātao? ... They are the ones who made the mistake in the first place."

Auckland Council designated part of the land a special housing area in 2014, and its sale to construction firm Fletcher in 2016 sparked the long-running protest.

The standoff flared up in July after occupiers were evicted from the site.