Nelson doctor still has licence despite filming women in bathrooms

Nelson doctor still has licence despite filming women in bathrooms
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A Nelson doctor still has a medical licence, despite being found guilty on eight charges of making an intimate visual recording.

A medical tribunal released its findings on Wednesday. The doctor, Samuel John Simpson Wilson, was convicted in the Nelson District Court last year, and sentenced to seven months' home detention.

He worked at Nelson Hospital. The New Zealand Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal said he had a camera disguised as a door opener and attached to his car keys.

The tribunal says he used the camera at his home and in his workplace.

"At his workplace, the doctor placed the covert camera in the female changing room and inside a female toilet. Nine females using the facilities were filmed. On the final occasion, the doctor held the covert camera in his hand while sitting next to a female colleague."

The incidents occurred between 2012 and 2015.

"The doctor accepted the charge brought against him," the tribunal says.

"It is the tribunal's assessment that what is needed is not cancellation of registration but rather appropriate orders for health supervision to treat Dr Wilson's behaviour and so prevent any repeat."

There are a range of penalties the tribunal could have imposed, including suspending Wilson, stopping him from ever practising again, or fining him up to $30,000.

The final decision ordered him to be suspended for one year and pay costs of $4,200.

He will also have conditions imposed on his practice for three years; including continuing mental health treatment.


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