'Our customers expect it of us': Wellington business shuts for climate march

Close to 100 businesses across the country closed their doors to take part in the School Strike 4 Climate protest on Friday.

Among the Kiwi companies calling for climate action was Commonsense Organics.

"We've been going on about these issues, since we were calling it the Greenhouse effect," says the company's chair, Lucy Kebbell. 

"So, for decades these key messages have been really core to our business and part of our trading philosophy."

All of the business' three Wellington stores shut for three hours, though Kebbell insists that any losses are worth taking.

"We don't just think our customers will understand what we're doing, we think they will expect it of us."

Meridian Energy generates around a third of the country's electricity through hydro stations and its wind farm.

Today, employees were encouraged to take the morning off to support the movement.

In Auckland, SodaStream threw its weight behind the cause, too.

"We are in a state of emergency, so it is really important for these really big businesses to take action and to stand up and make those moves," says Brynn Hamlen, a spokesperson for SodaStream.

It seems climate change is now an emergency that is striking a chord with business.