Replica Endeavour to skip Mangōnui during Captain Cook commemoration due to iwi anger

A replica of Captain Cook's ship Endeavour won't visit Mangōnui during commemorations marking 250 years since his arrival in New Zealand after objections from locals.

The Tuia 250 flotilla will see Pacific and European vessels sail around New Zealand, starting from Gisborne in October.

But far north iwi Ngāti Kahu strongly opposed the Endeavour visiting Mangonui, saying on Facebook in August commemorating "perpetrators of atrocities" is not okay.

"TUIA250 organisers and supporters have been clearly advised that the three mana whenua Marae over Mangōnui (Kēnana, Aputerewa and Waiaua) oppose the flotilla coming into the harbour and that the vast majority of mana whenua Marae around Tokerau oppose them coming into the Bay at all."

At the time the iwi said it understood the flotilla was still planning on visiting the area, but RNZ reported on Monday the Ministry of Culture and Heritage removed Mangōnui from the programme.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Culture and Heritage told RNZ it worked with a community organisation that had an iwi liaison when it initially decided to include Mangōnui.

But it's aware the voyage may provoke some mixed responses.

"We always knew that Tuia would cause some mixed responses. We fully appreciate the mamae and the hurt that exists very strongly still in some communities. Our job is to open the books, let's look at all the history, and let's start to talk about this," the spokesperson said.

"What I hope people will see through the voyage is a visual spectacle and an experience that captures our dual heritage but makes us think about our shared future."