Used McDonald's bag sells for $964 on Trade Me

A used McDonald's bag has sold for nearly $1000 on Trade Me.

The auction for the antique paper bag was viewed 57,014 times and received 94 bids, eventually ending at $964 at 6:35pm on Friday night.

The seller claimed the bag originated from the original McDonald's store in San Bernadino, California, and came into their family's possession the year the store opened in 1955.

A brown bag with McDonald's on the side.
It's been "passed down from generations in the family". Photo credit: joshnz11/Trade Me

"This is the original paper bag that contained McDonald's original burger and fries. In 1955 a meal was purchased, and the bag was stored away and rediscovered today," the seller said.

"Been passed down from generations in the family, and thought someone else would appreciate it more than me."

The seller said the bag was originally white, but yellowed and turned brown in the 64 years it was in their family's possession.

They said the burger smell had dissipated since the initial purchase.


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