Waikato University on measles watch after visit from infected student

Waikato University is on alert for measles after a student visited the campus while infected with the highly contagious disease. 

The part-time student contracted the disease from a family member and visited the main campus during the mid-semester break.

Senior deputy vice-chancellor Professor Alister Jones told Newshub the situation is being closely monitored.

"We have notified everybody who was in the medical centre at the time that the student presented themselves and all those people have been contacted."

He said the incident is a reminder to all students they need to be vaccinated.

"This really shows the importance of immunisation, it does have a major impact on our society and people's ability to study, work and play."

The University is working with the local chief medical officer of health to keep an eye on the situation.

It comes as an outbreak in Auckland creeps towards infecting 1000 people with measles, most of them in south Auckland.

The Government has rolled out pop-up vaccination centres to try and curb the disease's spread.

Four children are currently at Starship Hospital seriously unwell with measles. One of them is in critical condition.