Watch: Patrick Gower gets doctor's approval to use cannabis

After getting the go-ahead from his boss to try marijuana, Newshub's national correspondent Patrick Gower needs to find a suitable doctor.

In the US to investigate medical marijuana for his documentary, Patrick Gower: On Weed, he's found himself "very stressed" and "anxious".

As a result, he's visiting medical marijuana practitioner Dr Joe Cohen to ask about the potential for using cannabis to help him deal with his problems.

"I'll tell you some of my problems, if you've got time," Gower says, sitting in Dr Cohen's home office. "I'm very stressed, I get anxious. There's lots of things impacting."

Patrick Gower discussing getting help.
Patrick Gower discussing getting help. Photo credit: Newshub

Dr Cohen says medical marijuana can help "in a variety of ways" with Gower's symptoms, and says in his medical opinion he is "absolutely convinced" Gower should try cannabis.

"This is a medical recommendation to help de-stress you," he says.

Dr Joe Cohen.
Dr Joe Cohen. Photo credit: Newshub

And so Gower takes the vape loaded with cannabis, raises it to his lips and prepares to try medical cannabis for the first time in his life.

Patrick Gower about to try vaping cannabis.
Patrick Gower about to try vaping cannabis. Photo credit: Newshub

You can watch the full documentary on ThreeNow.