Whenuapai airbase: Environment Court rules in favour of property developer

The country's largest military airbase has been told to keep it down.

That's after the Environment Court ruled in favour of a property developer which laid a noise complaint against Whenuapai airbase.

Defence Minister Ron Marks has slammed the decision, saying property development may now be a threat to our national security.

The airbase has been at its Auckland location since between World War Two, while Neil Construction Limited bought land across from the base in 2015.

However, the Environment Court found that the noise that comes from the base, particularly during engine testing in the evening hours is excessive and in breach of the noise restrictions involved in the Resource Management Act.

The decision has prompted stern words from Marks, who said it is an extremely dangerous precedent to set.

There are also concerns that if the military base has to move, that could cost the taxpayer millions of dollars.

The decision is not set in stone just yet, however, with the Defence Force having 20 days to lodge an appeal.