Allbirds launch limited edition shoe collection inspired by Bird of The Year

A New Zealand shoe company is dipping its toes into the Bird of The Year competition, by launching a limited edition line.

Allbirds are releasing two styles of shoe dedicated to last year's winner, the kererū.

Kererū are well known for gorging themselves on fermented berries then drunkenly falling out of trees

Paying homage to the bird, the company is releasing the low-profile Sober Kererū - and the Tipsy Kererū in high tops.

The sober kererū
The sober kererū Photo credit: Allbirds

"The kererū is endemic to New Zealand and while it's not currently endangered it is vulnerable to attacks by predators such as feral cats and stoats," said Allbirds in a statement.

The tipsy kererū
The tipsy kererū Photo credit: Allbirds

The shoes are limited edition, inspired by the feathers of the kererū.

This is the second year Allbirds has partnered with Forest and Bird.

Last year the collection sold out in less than two weeks.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Forest and Bird.

"Partnering with an organisation that is similarly dedicated to a more sustainable future is important for Allbirds and we are excited to be continuing this relationship," said Allbirds cofounder Tim Brown on Monday.

The shoes will be available either online, or at the Allbirds Auckland store in Britomart.