Auckland flathunter told he'll have to share bed

An Auckland man who responded to a flat listing was astonished to be told he'd have to share a bed. 

The man, who is in his mid-20s, found a TradeMe listing advertising for a flatmate to join three others in an apartment in the CBD. The description specified that the ideal candidate would be a man who is "easygoing, friendly, clean" and pays rent on time.

When he got in touch with the user who listed the ad, he received an unusual email in response.

"I would surely like to show you the property," it read. "Just to let you know that you will be sharing a bed with me."

An anonymous Aucklander was surprised to receive this email.
An anonymous Aucklander was surprised to receive this email. Photo credit: Supplied

The man says the unusual sleeping arrangement was not made clear in the listing. The description includes the phrase '$180 p/w for a shared room… the room has one double bed'.

Photos included in the ad include two separate rooms with one double bed in each, presumably meaning the other two flatmates also share a bed.

The two double beds seen in the listing.
The two double beds seen in the listing. Photo credit: TradeMe

The flathunter told Newshub he felt "pretty strange" reading the email on Friday, to which he has not responded.

"Especially for the price, it wasn't exactly a cheap place."

It's the first time he's looked for a room to rent, and has found the experience difficult. He thinks the bizarre bed situation could be a symptom of a poor renting market as tenants desperately try to cut living costs. 

"It's certainly been hard to find a good place to live even when looking at higher price brackets," he says. 

Sharing a double bed with a flatmate isn't for him, but he acknowledges others might be more open to the idea. 

"Maybe it wouldn't be so bad, but I think the quote is 'love thy neighbour' not 'spoon thy neighbour'."

The TradeMe user who posted the listing has been approached for comment.