Auckland man brutally attacked with wooden stake after asking group to turn down music

Warning: This article contains graphic images.

An Auckland man is recovering in hospital after being attacked with a wooden stake and glass bottles in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Albert Maynard went outside to ask a carload of people to turn down their music. He was then viciously attacked by four men.

With two black eyes and stitches in his skull, Maynard is still recovering from the brutal assault in his Middlemore Hospital bed. 

Photos taken from after the attack show the severity of his injuries. One of the men was armed with a wooden stake.

"He was just covered in blood from here to here, his shirt was soaked, face all bloody and he had blood running all down his head," Maynard's wife, Monika told Newshub.

The 54-year-old went outside his Flat Bush home at around 1am on Saturday to ask his neighbours to turn their music down.

Maynard then realised the music was coming from a vehicle. When he spoke to the occupants, they began to attack him.

The injuries.
The injuries. Photo credit: Albert and Monika Maynard / Supplied

"I just saw four guys erupt out of the car, and it was all on," Maynard told Newshub.

The attack continued for roughly 10 minutes.

Monika called the police and watched in horror as her husband attempted to defend himself.

"He was just getting blows one of the guys got tired and grabbed a wooden stake," she said.

Police have charged an 18-year-old man with wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. He was due to appear in court on Monday. 

Police say their enquiries are continuing and they can't rule out further charges being laid.

Maynard is recovering from his injuries, but the full extent of some of his fractures won't be revealed until he starts to heal.


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