Auckland sex shop calls out man seen stealing items on CCTV

A man has been added to an Auckland sex store's "wall of shame" after CCTV footage appears to catch him in the act of shoplifting.

Peaches and Cream posted photos and video of the man to social media on Thursday.

"Wanted for taking items without paying," the store said.

The man allegedly took a leopard mini dress, rechargeable butt plug, a whip and a c**k ring from the shop's K'Rd branch on October 17.

The CCTV footage appears to show the man lift up his shirt and shove an item down the front of his pants before continuing to browse. 

He then lifts up his shirt again and puts another item down his pants. 

"I was laughing with my partner about this," one person commented online.

"You have the choice of A - buying toys for yourself and being embarrassed that whoever is at the checkout will judge you, or B - stealing and having your photo plastered all over Facebook so EVERYONE will know what you got."

Another questioned whether the risk was really worth it.

"Why would you do that and be risk being snapped out on camera," they wrote. 

A spokesperson from Peaches and Cream's head office said the man has yet to be caught, but they were confident he would be.

"We only uploaded [the images] yesterday but have had almost 30,000 views of him," they told Newshub. "Someone will know him."

The spokesperson said it was not the first case of theft for the store.

"Sadly it does happen reasonably often, not just us - retailers are targeted every day."

Peaches and Cream's message to potential shoplifters was to "really think about it before you do it".

"Most retailers these days have high-quality camera systems and in the social-media age things go viral fast."

If people are caught on camera shoplifting "it can ruin your reputation", the company said.

"It's not worth the risk."


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