Baby trapped under mother after accident at Snowplanet

A woman has been hospitalised following an accident at an Auckland indoor sports facility on Saturday.

The unnamed mother was riding an inflatable tube down a slope at Snowplanet with her baby. 

As the woman hit the bottom of the slope, the tube flipped and her baby was trapped beneath her when she hit the ice.

A witness described the woman begging for help, unable to move after the accident.

"The lady [was] left upside down, unable to move and baby underneath her…I had to get the baby out while she told me she couldn't feel her legs or back then [she] went off in an ambulance," Sheryl Castell told Newhsub.

She says the staff at the facility did not help quickly enough.

"[She] was at the bottom of the slope screaming and crying for help for at least 5 minutes with no one around," said Castell.

But Snowplanet's duty manager says CCTV shows staff responding in 90 seconds.

The woman was taken to North Shore Hospital by ambulance with possible spinal injuries. Her baby is unharmed.



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