Canterbury woman who passed cyclists in car gets slapped with fine

A woman who passed cyclists on a Canterbury road says she did so safely, but that didn't stop police from slapping her with a fine.

Governors Bay woman Rosie Belton was driving down Dyers Pass Rd on Sunday about 10:45am when she passed some cyclists, Stuff reports.

The next thing Belton knew, she was pulled up by the police and fined for crossing yellow lines.

"I'm just gobsmacked. I've been pulled over for what I do every day," she told Stuff.

Newshub has contacted police for comment. According to The Press newspaper, Belton has previously campaigned to have authorities deal with boy racers on Dyers Pass Rd.

She told the paper she would pay the fine if she had done something illegal, but reiterated she wanted police to deal with irresponsible drivers.

The official New Zealand road code offers advice about safe driving around cyclists, including waiting for a clear space before passing. 

If there is clear space, motorists are entitled to pass as a bike is not considered a motor vehicle.