'Charming' US ambassador Scott Brown to host The AM Show

The "charismatic" US ambassador to New Zealand will co-host The AM Show, after a tongue in cheek proposal came to life.

Scott Brown appeared on the show in September and volunteered to take Richardson's spot while he is away.

The team was all laughs, but on Wednesday morning Duncan Garner announced the rumours were true.  Brown would replace Richardson on Friday morning's show. 

"We've done the deal, your people have spoken to my people and even Amanda's people," Garner told Richardson's current replacement Nicky Styris.

"I'm not sure there was a deal with me," said Styris suspiciously. 

"I just sort of got told," she laughed.

"I think he'll be amazing, but I am going to try and sabotage him there's no question," continued Styris.

"I think he'll be fantastic, he's a very charming, charismatic man, he's married to a broadcast journalist so he'll know his stuff," said co-host Amanda Gillies.

She also revealed Brown posed nude in Cosmopolitan magazine in the 80s.

"My understanding is as well as being the centerfold for the Cosmopolitan in the 80s, apparently he does have some sports presenting experience."

Tune in to The AM Show on Friday morning to see an American diplomat and former nude model double as a television host.



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