Christchurch woman creates DIY speed bump out of cats eyes to stop people crashing at intersection

A Christchurch woman was so fed up with the number of crashes at an intersection outside her house in St Albans, she's laid down her own law.

Sarah has taken matters into her own hands by spending $300 on 70 cats eyes, and sticking them on the road.

She says in the 18 months she's lived at the St Albans property, she's witnessed multiple crashes.  

"The records [is] three in two days," she said.

Sarah said the problem is motorists don't appear to see the road signs when they approach the intersection, which is located just out of Christchurch's central business district.

One of the vehicles from a prang last Friday was still sitting on the side of the road when Newshub visited on Thursday.

"From both directions east and west; they don't see the stop sign," she said.

The Christchurch City Council installed yellow "no stopping lines" in May, and the council has also approved some speed bumps. As for Sarah's DIY speed bump installation, the council says it has no comment.

"I've had enough of people being hurt while heals are being dragged," Sarah told Newshub. "We shouldn't have to live with running to accidents."

So for now, the DIY speed bump will just have to do the trick.


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