'Disgusting': One-sided fight outside Christchurch Countdown filmed by jeering youth

A fight outside a Christchurch supermarket has drawn outrage on social media, with young bystanders seen standing around and filming the one-sided scuffle.

A video of the altercation, shared to Facebook on Wednesday, shows two youths fighting outside the Moorhouse Ave Countdown in broad daylight. 

One of the boys is punched to the ground before attempting to run. He is quickly chased before the other youth roughly pushes him onto the concrete before straddling his body. 

Youths on bikes and skateboards are seen standing around as another young person films the one-sided fight, laughing and jeering. Another boy eventually steps in, appearing to threaten the attacker and forcing him to back off.

A woman who appears to be the victim's mother shared the video in a since-deleted Facebook post, calling the attack "disgusting" and "gutless" and threatening to report the incident. Before being deleted, the video amassed more than 10,000 views.

The scuffle drew outrage on social media, with many expressing anger over the young people's behaviour.

A police spokesperson said the incident has not been reported, but police are willing to look into it if more information becomes available.

A Countdown spokeswoman said the supermarket was unaware of the fight and are happy to assist with any future investigation.

The woman who shared the video has been contacted for comment.