Duncan Garner: Not a surprise Australia's criminals re-offended in New Zealand

OPINION: What did we expect? Australia puts on their version of ConAir and sends back 1806 criminals, because they were born here.

We don't want them, dodgy, shifty, shady blokes many of them, but because they were born here we're lumped with them.

Australia didn't want them, can't blame them, New Zealand doesn't want them, but they become our problem. Thanks for nothing Australia.  

Meanwhile, the 1806 Kiwi crooks have done what you'd expect crooks to do. The AM Show can reveal this morning that 595 of them have gone on to commit crimes here in NZ.

Is it any surprise, especially given they have been forced away from families, friends, whānau and their very sense of belonging?  Some of them are about as Kiwi as I am Australian, ie not. 

Frankly, we treat our refugees better. We left these gangsters to their own devices and they took liberties. It's what they know, it's all they know.  Our exclusive information reveals they have committed a staggering 3457 crimes since arriving home - violence, dishonesty, drugs and anti-social behaviour.

Here's the good news, if there's any at all, the majority aren't gang members, but a staggering 77 are.

Immigration consultant Aussie Malcolm, a former New Zealand cabinet minister, says it's a shameful exercise and the world should be calling out Australia. 

Jacinda Ardern had a crack in July saying it was unjust and unfair and it's having a corrosive effect on our relationship.

I agree I think it has soured our joint relationship and it's the difference between the two countries and its people.

New Zealand is empathetic, perhaps too often. Australia is bloody ruthless, to their own detriment as well as everyone else's.

Duncan Garner is the host of The AM Show.