Duncan Garner: Why the Auckland local body elections are such a debacle

OPINION: I'm predicting the Auckland voter turnout for the local body elections will be farcical. 

It's a debacle that is happening as we speak; there will be all sorts of calls for inquiries - just watch this space.

As of yesterday just 17 percent of all Auckland voters had ticked their boxes. Phil Goff and John Tamihere have largely failed to inspire people to get off their chuff and head for the polls

Aucklanders are so busy standing still, going nowhere in a fury that it's one more thing to think about. So around 50 volunteers are rushing voting papers and a mobile voting box into workplaces to capture at least a few more votes.

But there's a reason Aucklanders are disengaged-  they're really frustrated. Already frustrated with the lack of progress. 

Beaches closed due to sewage issues, a population growing rapidly but the infrastructure failing.

They're furious, perhaps at the lack of building, and the lack of speed in doing so.

Report after report but nothing comes of it so we've become a little complacent and we throw our hands in the air.  

So many names, so many jobs to fill and you only ever hear from these leeches once every three years with some wild claims about how amazing they are and what they've done for the local community.  

Do these people even live in our neighbourhoods?

They're faceless, obscure. I rarely see them in real life actually but I'm guaranteed to catch a glimpse of their visual pollution on every corner.

Online voting may actually be the answer but whatever happens something has got to change. 

Duncan Garner is a host of The AM Show.