Hundreds of Auckland University students protest over white supremacist materials on campus

Hundreds of Auckland University students are packed into the vice-chancellor's office in protest against white supremacist material being allowed on campus.

Vice-Chancellor Stuart McCutcheon has refused to remove material on campus promoting the website of an all-male, self-proclaimed "brotherhood of young European New Zealanders" with anti-migrant, white supremacist values. 

Some demonstrators on Friday broke down in tears as they fight the university's refusal to remove it.

There were emotional scenes at Friday's demonstrations.
There were emotional scenes at Friday's demonstrations. Photo credit: Newshub/Lydia Lewis

Students' Association president George Barton says it's an unbelievable situation.

"We don't think that freedom of speech is a justification for the posters and these stickers that spew absolute vile."

One student told Newshub she's being discriminated against just because she's a "woman of colour".

Computer science professor Clark Thomborson said senior management's decision is not supported by many staff.

"We have white supremacists trying to recruit on campus, and we need an unambiguous message from all levels of the university that this is not acceptable."

University of Auckland student magazine Craccum first reported on the posters on Tuesday, after McCutcheon elected to let them stay up.

"The particular posters I have seen... are not of themselves hate speech, they are not illegal, they are not inciting people to violence.

"I tend to have the view that we should promote free speech wherever we can," Dr McCutcheon told Craccum.


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