'It's a big issue': Teenager bullied out of seven schools' message of strength

A budding filmmaker from Blenheim is putting bullying in the spotlight.

Tyler Redmond was forced to keep moving schools due to bullying, now he wants to stop others from going through it.

The 16-year-old has been making films since he was seven.

His latest film, Rise Up, is personal. It's inspired by years of suffering at the hands of school bullies.

"I had my two front teeth knocked out on the ice by a kid smashing my head into the ice," Tyler told Newshub.

That was in year two and then things got worse. He changed schools seven times and is now homeschooled.

"It's a big issue and something needs to be done about it and that's why I made this film," he explains.

The 25-minute film tackles the hard reality of bullying, the harm it causes and why bullies bully.

"I've had bullies come up to me and apologise to me for the years of pain and hurt they've caused in my life, some of them have even participated in this film which is really awesome to see," Tyler says.

Bullying affects nearly one-half of primary-aged children in New Zealand schools and a third of secondary students.

Tyler hopes his film will help both the bullies and the victims.

"In a way, I feel it's made me stronger… don't give up, stand up for yourselves."

The film will premiere in Blenheim next month, then Tyler hopes to show it in schools across the country.