'It's a travesty, it's a tragedy': Whanganui stands against community's 10 violent deaths

Whanganui has come out in force for a march against violence in the community.

In the past year, there have been 10 violent deaths - and locals say enough is enough.

Whanganui's Majestic Square was flooded with families and Iwi on Friday, protesting the spate of violent deaths.

The latest - 23-year-old Feona McKay Patea earlier this month. Her alleged killer appeared in court on Friday afternoon.

Family spokesperson Kiritahi Firmin said it can't keep happening.

"It's a travesty, it's a tragedy," she told Newshub. "Now we're desensitised to it." 

Only a month ago, Newshub attended a vigil for slain mother of two, Jasmine Wilson.

Her mother, Brenda Reuben, is grieving again, this time for somebody else's child.

"[I] have to say, I was shocked [that] on the heels of my daughter's vigil, this happened," she said. 

The message is clear - it's time to speak up. Above all, Reuben wants people to speak out against domestic violence.

"Events keep happening the same," she told Newshub. "It's been almost a death a month." 

Police Inspector Nigel Allen said it's their job to keep people safe, but they need help.

"We're here to make our community safe, and to make sure they feel safe, but we can only do that as part of the community, so it's really important for us to be part of this kaupapa."

Insp Allen said Whanganui is a community clearly craving change and an end to a wave of violence.

Where to find help and support: