Man beaten during arrest wants police officer punished for brutality

A man who was brutally beaten by a police officer wants the man who assaulted him to be punished.

The incident was captured on Police Eagle helicopter, showing the man repeatedly punched in the face while he lay helpless on the ground.

The incident began after the 35-year-old was arrested after a burglary in the north Auckland suburb of Red Beach, November 2018.

He was being held in a headlock on the ground by three officers when a fourth officer attacked him. The officer punched the man in the face at least six or seven times while holding a torch, leaving the man with facial injuries, including a broken nose and a concussion.

This left the man with "ongoing physical, cognitive and psychological effects", according to the Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA). The assault was so bad that two police employees reported the incident.

Police carried out a criminal investigation which concluded that the use of force used was justified and recommended no further action be taken.

"Our investigation involved reviewing Eagle footage, interviewing police staff involved as well as members of the public who witnessed the incident," Waitematā District Commander Superintendent Naila Hassan told Stuff. "We have taken all of this on board when making our decision."

However, the IPCA carried out its own investigation. It says it does not agree with the Police decision that the force used during the arrest was justified and considers that the man was assaulted. It recommended that employment proceedings be taken against the constable involved.

"I was held to account for my actions and I took responsibility, you would think the NZ Police would step up. They are meant to be here to protect and serve, not take the law into their own hands," the man involved told the New Zealand Police Conduct Association.

"I am disappointed that the Police have refused to take any action against the officer involved and shocked that Police condone this sort of behaviour, my entire family is. We have little faith or trust left in Police."

He's still waiting for the police officer to be punished for brutality.