McDonald's to recycle used cups and turn them into cup holders

McDonald's have found a way your side of Coke can now be recycled into the cup holder it comes in. 

The fast-food giant wants to recycle all 70 million of its cups, and it's got new bins and new cups to do just that.

The move comes as Kiwis put more pressure on fast-food chains to tackle environmental issues.

"We know we're handing out a lot of packaging with our food and that's an area our customers are saying they want us to do more," says Simon Kenny, McDonald's NZ head of communications.

Special bins that collect the empty cups are now being trialled in some Auckland stores.

If successful, it could stop all those millions of cups from ending up in the landfill, as the big fast-food chains aim to become more sustainable. 

Globally, McDonald's is reviewing every single piece of its packaging. Whether it's the straw, the spoons or the Big Mac boxes, they want all of their stores by 2025 to hand over something sustainable to customers. Here in New Zealand, they've worked out they can recycle the cups into the cup holders they hand them over in. 

And customers seem to like the move.

"I think it's much better for the planet and everything else," says one.

"They still use plastic straws though so maybe they could look into that," says another.

While that might happen at some point, first they're keen to recycle all their cups across New Zealand - before looking at the straws that come with them. 


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