Move to remove Wellington Botanical Garden rubbish bins

More than half of the rubbish bins in Wellington Botanical Gardens have been removed in a trial to reduce the gardens carbon footprint and reduce waste.

The move has angered many residents who say they can’t find bins to drop in doggy-poo bags or even litter they’ve collected in the gardens. 

Local resident Chris Thompson walks her dog every day, she picks up rubbish and used a bin at one exit - but that’s been replaced with a sign saying the bin’s been removed.

"People will be people, I cannot really see how removing bins will incentivise people to bring their lunch wrappers and doggy-poo bag home with them." 

Wellington City Council manager of the Botanic gardens David Sole claims they’re aiming to reduce overall waste creation and have people to think about the waste they are creating.

"Increasingly gardens are becoming more activist, thinking about climate change, waste management and carbon zero," he says. 

Sole and his team were following the overseas zero waste initiatives undertaken by gardens, railway stations and national parks. 

Twenty-five bins have been removed, the majority around the Metoffice and the Bolton Street cemetery exits. 

Wellington City Councillor Nicola Young is concerned that doggy-poo bags will end up in the bushes.  

"There will still be litter and rubbish, it’s how we tackle waste that is important. Rubbish and waste in parallel."