New Wellington Mayor Andy Foster tight-lipped on donation cash from Sir Peter Jackson

Wellington's new Mayor Andy Foster won't reveal exactly how much money Sir Peter Jackson gave him in the lead up to his election.

Speaking to The AM Show on Monday Foster says his campaign was "a lot of work".

The long-standing Wellington Council member says he won't reveal the "exact number" of the amount donated just yet.

"There were a number of funders, who between them gave me $36,000, who haven't said yet 'please release those numbers' so you can assume between Peter and Fran [Jackson] and the companies associated them, that's the number within that number," he said.

Foster won the mayoral race by a thin margin beating incumbent Mayor Justin Lester by just 503 votes.

"Leading up to the election a lot of people were telling me they weren't happy with the way the city was being run, they wanted some really important decisions to be made, and I thought 'hmm maybe I'll wait to see if someone else sticks their hands up.' "

When no one did Foster decided he was the man for the job.

He told The AM Show he plans to create a heritage park on the northern end of the Miramar Peninsula rather than build a housing development as Lester planned.

"I want the community to participate in planning that site so we get something quite special," he said on Monday.

As well as the heritage site Foster says he plans to focus on traffic congestion around the capital.

"We need to get traffic out of the city we need to get people on the buses so we need to sort those buses out."

He also plans to make the CBD more pedestrian-friendly by lowering speed limits.



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