'New Zealanders are not tolerant or friendly': Kiwis share their unpopular opinions

Several New Zealanders have aired their grievances about the nation on a Reddit thread titled, 'what's your unpopular New Zealand opinion?'

Reddit user 'SteamySuit' created the discussion on Wednesday, kicking off proceedings with Seven Sharp co-host Hillary Barry.

"I've caught a fair bit of s*** for this but I don't rate Hilary Barry at all," SteamySuit admitted.

"My workmates and family like her and I just can't see it. What's your controversial NZ-related opinion?" 

It didn't take long for fellow Kiwi Reddit users to hop on the berating bandwagon.

"Kiwis are generally not clean and green. The country is only clean and green because the population density is so low, not because the people take special care to make it clean and green," said Astalon18.

"Naming all our national sports teams as a variation of the All Blacks is f***ing cringey, e.g. the Tall Blacks," expressed another.

Others started dishing out roasts on New Zealand music, likening local acts to "BBQ background" tunes.

"I hate any song by Dave Dobbyn... especially 'Loyal' while I wait on hold," said one Dobbyn disparager.

QuirkyNoodle came after Six60, calling them "overplayed", while others had something to say about indie pop export Lorde and comedy duo Flight of the Conchords. 

More serious opinions included New Zealand's "casual racism", "pervasively violent society" and drinking culture, while controversy was stirred over the nation's most popular (and "overrated") sport, our mates from across the ditch ("the Gold Coast is New Zealand's best city") - and Kiwis themselves.

"I really, really dislike most New Zealanders," NaCLedPeanuts wrote.

"We're not relaxed, we're not tolerant, we're not innovative, we're not friendly. Most of us are massively xenophobic, uneducated, parochial, conservative (in the literal sense), nasty people."

"F*** you. I'm friendly as f***k," one person responded.

Shots fired.


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