NZ Police find meth hidden under woman's daughter

A search of a Palmerston North woman's car horrified police after they discovered a meth stash hidden underneath her two-year-old daughter.

The toddler was sitting in the front seat of the car on top of the drugs. 

The car was searched on Wednesday in Napier as part of a bust on a house in Napier South.

Police allege the woman had just completed a drug deal at the house. 

In the vehicle, police found a cut down .22 rifle with ammunition, 100 tabs of LSD, $2500 in cash and a large "tick list" with hundreds of thousands of dollars of information.

The residence was also searched, revealing $50,000 cash, a large number of point bags, meth pipes, cannabis and bongs.

The house is directly across from a school.

Police said they found the discovery of the meth hidden under the toddler "appalling".

"These people obviously have no concerns for the safety or welfare of their children," said detective senior sergeant Dave de Lange in a statement on Thursday. 

"They are exposing them to potential harm with very dangerous drugs and firearms. We will be working with social agencies to make sure this child is kept safe," he continued.

The 30-year-old woman has been charged with possessing methamphetamine for supply, possessing LSD for supply and unlawfully possessing firearms. 

She is due to appear in the Hastings District Court on Thursday.