Ryan Bridge: Reduced sentences for meth dealers removes blame from criminals

OPINION: Up to 30 percent off all sentences if you're hooked on P, discounts if you're poor, if you've lost your land, your language or your culture.

If you can prove it, you can walk away with a discount.

Yesterday an extraordinary decision from the Court of Appeal ruled drug dealers found with enough methamphetamine to supply up to 2000 people, meth worth up to $1 million, are now eligible for reduced sentences and could walk away with no prison time at all.

A real light bulb moment from our judges and supported by this Government. I mean, pass me the pipe and give me a hit

What's more - if you can prove cultural reasons for your offending like land confiscation, loss of language and mana, that could get you time off your sentence too.

I'm Irish - I've never learnt the Gaelic language. Does that mean I get time off my sentence? Light me up and order the next bag.

What's next? Get too pissed at the bar, drive myself home, hit a pedestrian and say "sorry, I'm an alcoholic."

Don't get me wrong, I'm actually in favour of serious drug reform but not this. This is half-way house pussy-footing around, which abdicates all personal responsibility

It's not your fault because you're an addict. It's not your fault because your land was confiscated.

All I'm hearing is it's not your fault.

Don't expect this dumb decision will change anybody's approach to P. After all - it's not their fault. Remember?

Ryan Bridge is a co-host of The AM Show