Simon Bridges says Auckland Transport's proposed speed limit reduction is 'stupid'

Auckland Transport (AT) will decide on lower speed limits across most of the city centre amid stiff opposition.

The majority of the thousands of submissions are against the move that could see 800 kilometres of roads reduced to 30 kilometres per hour. A decision is expected on Tuesday afternoon. 

National Leader Simon Bridges says blanket speed reductions are "stupid".

"A blanket speed reduction is stupid. Aucklanders already know they are suffering from congestion and an inability to get around, whether that's dropping the kids at sports or school, or getting to work on time," he told Newshub.

He says AT needs to stop and think hard before making any decisions.

"I think what AT needs to do is stop, actually read the submissions, the majority of which are against this, and change its mind before it's too late."

Bridges says 3317 of the submissions oppose the new law, while 2503 support it.

AT says reducing speed limits will reduce the number of people getting injured or killed on Auckland roads.

In 2017, 64 people died on Auckland roads, with 44 percent of those being related to speed.

A further 749 people were seriously injured.

If the law passes, some high-risk rural, urban and residential roads will have their speed limits reduced.

The city centre and various town centres would also see a reduction in speed limits.