SPCA investigating after puppies abandoned in public toilet

The SPCA is investigating after three puppies were left on the floor of a public toilet in Napier.

A member of the public found the puppies huddled in a sweatshirt on the floor of the toilet in Perfume Point on Friday morning.

The puppies had no food or water and were forced to cuddle together for warmth. It's not known how long they were there but it's possible they had been left overnight.

All three puppies are skinny and covered in flea dirt. They're now recovering at the SPCA Napier centre and eating well. The puppies are estimated to be around five weeks old. Puppies should stay with their mother until they're eight weeks old.

A group of puppies huddled on the ground.
The puppies. Photo credit: Supplied/SPCA Napier

Anyone with information about the abandonment is being urged to contact the SPCA.

"These puppies were abandoned with no food, water and nothing but each other and a sweatshirt for warmth. It’s heartbreaking to see vulnerable animals being dumped like this," SPCA regional manager Bruce Wills said in a statement. 

"We would like to find out more information about where these puppies came from."  

It is an offence to abandon an animal. Anyone with information can contact the SPCA on (06) 835 7758.