Spotify hosts playlists glorifying Christchurch terror attack

Spotify has been caught hosting playlists glorifying the accused Christchurch terrorist and his attacks.

Fifty-one people were gunned down in the March 15 mosque attacks, which sparked outrage around the world and a crackdown on white supremacist sites and material.

However, Newshub has been made aware of several music playlists on the audio streaming site specifically named after the accused gunman and the Christchurch terror attack.

One cover image on a playlist includes a screenshot from the notorious massacre video.

Another shows a stereotypical Australian holding a gun with white writing on it - similar to the far-right messages written on the weapons used to carry out the mosque shootings.

Music in the playlists includes songs played by the gunman moments before the shootings, including 'Remove Kebab', a Serb nationalist song celebrating a convicted war criminal.

According to Spotify's policy around hate content: "Spotify does not permit content whose principal purpose is to incite hatred or violence against people because of their race, religion, disability, gender identity, or sexual orientation".

News of the playlists come on the same day it was revealed that a video game based on the attacks is freely available in New Zealand.

The game follows a character called 'Brenton Torrent' and mimics a live stream as he goes on a shooting spree.

The office of the Chief Censor hadn't heard about the game until contacted by Newshub Nation and has yet to review it.

Spotify, like the Chief Censor, says it wasn't aware of the content until Newshub asked for comment. 

"We are continuously developing, improving, and implementing monitoring technology that identifies content in our service that violates our policy and/or user guidelines," a spokesperson told Newshub.

"Spotify has made the editorial decision to remove this profile and these playlists as they violate our user guidelines. We realise how this content may be upsetting for users so we've decided to take swift action and remove it from the platform."