The AM Show viewer calls Ryan Bridge an 'awful twit', pleads for Duncan Garner to return

A viewer of The AM Show has pleaded for host Duncan Garner to return from his break after taking issue with fill-in host Ryan Bridge.

On Wednesday, Bridge read out a letter live on-air where Rotorua woman Lorraine complains about the host discussing what he got up to over the long weekend.

"I would like to officially complain about your idiot broadcaster Ryan Bridge who on several occasions both on radio and TV has boasted about the fact he enjoys killing and/or shooting animals. The man is an absolute prat," the letter said.

"What did he hope to gain by telling listeners on Friday he was looking forward to learning how to kill a sheep over the weekend and this morning saying, more or less, he enjoyed it and it was not as bad as he thought."

The woman goes on to say she hopes to see Garner return soon as she currently changes the channel when Bridge is hosting the show. She said his comments upset her, her family and her friends. 

"When he is on The AM Show, please bring back Duncan Garner.

"You must be desperate for broadcasters when you employ top-of-the-line prats like this awful twit, please do something about this. Get him off the air."

Bridge defended himself on Wednesday morning, saying he never boasted about shooting an animal, but believed it was a "good thing to do if you want to feed your family in a sustainable way".

"There is nothing actually wrong with that."

But newsreader Amanda Gillies reckoned Bridge quite enjoyed his weekend away - something Bridge said was true.

"I had a great weekend away, but I never boasted about killing an animal."

Sportsreader Mark Richardson also added his thoughts.

"Can I educate Lorraine? She yearns for Duncan to return [but] he likes to get out into the bush and stick pigs."

Bridge said he was confused how Lorraine knew about his comments when she claims not to watch the show when he is hosting. 

"How does Lorraine know I said any of this if she is already immediately turning off the radio and television? Lorraine, you are listening, you are watching.

"I am sorry you have taken offence at anything... well I am not really, because you have taken it way out of context."

Garner will return to his normal hosting role on Monday next week.


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