Two unborn babies die after pregnant mothers catch measles during outbreak

Two unborn babies have died after their mothers caught measles during the recent outbreak.

Auckland health officials confirmed that five pregnant women have caught measles during the outbreak and two of the fetuses have died. 

The Waitematā and Auckland District Health Board said they couldn't be sure the unborn babies died directly from measles. 

"There have been five recorded cases of pregnant women admitted with measles, with two fetal losses associated with the hospitalisations," says the Metropolitan Auckland Measles Hospitalisations and Complications interim report. 

"Both fetal losses occurred in the second trimester. One fetal loss was associated with a range of other complications... the fetal loss events were not recorded as cases of measles and therefore were not notified to ARPHS [Auckland Regional Public Health Service]."

The deaths of the two unborn babies have been classified as "serious complications potentially related to maternal measles".

The report notes that miscarriage, preterm birth and low birth weight are known potential complications associated with maternal measles.