Unseasonal South Island snowfall interrupts warm spring weather

A late-season cold snap has interrupted warm spring weather with snow falling in parts of the South Island.

Canterbury High Country and Central Otago bore the brunt of the southerly cold front, with snow accumulating as low as 600m in Naseby.

Naseby resident Kila Hepi said there had been more snow in the last three weeks than they’d had all winter.

"Oh it's just another day isn't it. When you live at altitude you expect this to happen," she said.

One Sheffield resident, Virginia Stevens, was making the most of the unexpected dusting, donning a dressing gown to take photos outside.

"It's absolutely ridiculous that we get it at this time of year. It's crazy, but it's nice.

"Nine times out of ten we are prepared," Ms Stevens said.

Last week, temperatures were nearing the early 20s, but in Porters Pass the mercury dipped to one degree overnight.

The closure of three state highways was forced, but all roads had reopened by morning, meaning no day off school.

Go Bus driver John Lobb said he’ll still drive through the pass to pick children up and drive them on through.

"At this time of the year we like to think that we're getting a bit of sunshine," he said.

With the biting wind today making its way up the country, spring is living up to its unsettled reputation.