US preacher says New Zealand is 'under the wrath of God' for refusing his visa application

Steven Anderson
Steven Anderson made a video to rant about his denied visa application. Photo credit: Steven Anderson / YouTube

An American preacher known for his extreme views has been denied entry to New Zealand based on character grounds.

Steven Anderson of the Faithful Word Baptist Church, based in Tempe, Arizona, announced on his YouTube channel that New Zealand is "the 34th country" to refuse him entry. 

A letter dated October 17 from Immigration New Zealand is shown in the video, indicating the refusal was based on the pastor's failure to meet character requirements due to his extensive history of denied visas. 

"As part of our assessment we have considered whether you meet character requirements. However, our record shows that you were exclude or deported from countries [sic], such as South Africa, United Kingdom and Netherlands, etc," said the letter.

Anderson told his viewers that he applied for a New Zealand visitor visa after he was refused entry to Australia, so he could spread his beliefs in Auckland and Christchurch.


"If I were you and I were living in New Zealand or Australia, I'd be on my knees praying to God that he will be merciful and that he would forgive your country for doing this," Anderson ranted.

"According to them, I guess preaching what the Bible actually says about Sodomites is 'a lack of character'. Well, you know what? If that's what it means to have character then I don't want to have character.

"A couple of days ago we just released a new documentary film... so that will be something else for these heathen to rage about and ban the word of God - ban men of God - from their countries. 

"God is not going to bless a country that is turning away a missionary... they are going to be under the wrath and punishment of God."

Anderson's church has been ruled as a hate group by the US Southern Poverty Law Centre. The pastor has been known to promote Holocaust denial and has openly confirmed he believes in "hating homosexuals".

Immigration New Zealand confirmed to TVNZ that Anderson has been declined entry based on his status as an "excluded person" under the Immigration Act.

The video, which has amassed more than 10,000 views, has received a mixed response from viewers. While some have praised New Zealand's refusal to allow Anderson entry, others have expressed different sentiments.

"Not surprised... New Zealand is currently being run by a bunch of globalist satanic cultists," said one viewer.