Witnesses describe 'carloads' of patched gang members fighting in Huntly brawl

A violent gang brawl has broken out in broad daylight on Main Street in Huntly, terrifying the public.

Police received multiple calls from onlookers who saw the altercation unfold between two rival gangs at about 2:30pm on Saturday.

Witnesses on social media describe "carloads" of Black Power and Mongrel Mob gang members involved in the fighting, which reportedly began outside a bottle store before spilling onto the highway.

"It was a scary sight, the cars were fully of them like each car had five-plus patched members in them. Police everywhere," one person wrote.

A witness told Newshub around 20-30 people in blue were attending a funeral in town when the Mongrel Mob arrived.

"A carload of red-coloured gang people turned up and a really bad fight broke out," he says.

"But they didn't realise how many [Black Power] were here. The red people got a bit of a beating and they left."

The witness, who didn't want to be named, says one Mongrel Mob gang member received a "pretty bad" hiding and had to be carried to a car.

"I saw a lot of blood coming out of his face," he says.

Police were called and established a heavy presence to control the situation. They were just in time, as the Mongrel Mob came back in force for retaliation.

"Three to four carloads of red people turned up but police were hanging around and stopped things."

Police say they are making enquiries and are working to prevent any further incidents.

"We can assure the public we have an increased police presence in Huntly and we are making enquiries into what has occurred," says Senior Sergeant Andrew O'Reilly.

Any members of the public who have information that would assist Police should call 105.