Auckland Mt Albert residents hold funeral procession for 345 exotic trees facing chop

A funeral procession took place on Mount Albert on Sunday to mourn the planned removal of 345 exotic trees, starting Monday.

Around 150 people came together, concerned about the "environmental destruction" caused by chopping down the long-established trees, which are now not wanted by the Tupuna Maunga Authority.

The Authority is planning on replacing the exotic trees as part of a restoration programme to reintroduce native vegetation and wildlife habitats to the area.

However it's upset local Mt Albert residents who say there has been no consultation and the trees are home to native birds like the morepork and tui.

They question how 345 mature trees can be cut down in the middle of a global climate crisis, and want to see the 'succession planting' of native trees so there can be a graceful transition over the next 20 years.