Carterton clock tower's new colour scheme revealed

The Carterton District Council has unveiled the new colour scheme for the town's clock tower.

It was feared the democratic process had been plagued by vote tampering and even a fake colour option - but the real truth came out on Wednesday.

The clocktower might be Carterton's centrepiece, but it's also been in the centre of controversy.

Plans for a new colour scheme were beset by problems. Three options, white, grey or rainbow, were presented for a public vote earlier this year. 

On Wednesday, grey was finally decided on. Yet there were fears of vote tampering after one of the ballot boxes was damaged.

A council spokesperson told Newshub there was suspicion someone deliberately attempted to destroy a voting box to show the voting process isn't secure.

However, the perpetrator explained himself to Newshub.

"The voting boxes, when I came to cast [my vote] amazed me that they were nothing more than cake boxes. Not secure enough containers," they said.

More confusion arose when a woman collected her own votes at a farmers market with a replica voting box.

Although she told Fairfax she was just conducting an informal poll as "a way of engaging people", there has been confusion with locals who assumed her ballot box was an official one.

There were also complaints after a fourth and unofficial option was printed in the local paper.

It featured lights and perspex, which wasn't budgeted for. As it turns out, it was just the winning option shown at night.

The designers, Gregg Crimp and David Robinson, had taken out the advert in protest of it not being in official voting documents.

Although the colour scheme has been decided, there are still big question marks around the proposed lighting.

Fundraising efforts appear to be underway and the Carterton District Council says it will discuss and vote at a later stage.

For fans of the rainbow option, never fear - Crimp and Robinson say that if lights are installed, they'll be able to project colours at night to keep everyone happy.