Christchurch community reeling after teenage girl dies in fiery crash

A teenager is dead and another is in a critical condition following a fiery crash in Christchurch's Port Hills overnight.  

It's understood a Subaru hatchback carrying four teenagers crashed, plummeting metres down a bank before bursting into flames. 

Emergency services were called to the accident on Summit Road at 11pm on Wednesday. 

A teenage girl died in the crash while three others were injured, including one who's in a critical condition in Christchurch hospital.

The teenager's death has left the community reeling. 

"I realised that I had gone to school with this girl and it just kind of hit home a bit and you just think, 'wow I never really got the chance to talk to her while she's alive and now it's too late and she's gone'," Giles told Newshub.

Christchurch's hill suburbs have long been plagued by boy racers who take to the winding streets at night and into the early hours of the morning. 

"We've had several incidents with these young boys racers travelling far too close to us on the road," said cyclist Kit Chambers.

"Double yellow lines and they won't wait behind until they pass and yeah it's getting worse and quite dangerous."

Evidence of that dangerous driving can be seen in the tyre marks which cover the road.

This latest fatality has the community questioning what else the council could do to prevent further deaths. 

"They've reduced the speed limit, they've put barriers up, they've put these anti-skid pad things here to stop the burnouts, but I don't really think that anything else could be done," said local resident Josh Giles.

The only option left to deter dangerous driving could be the installation of speed cameras. 

"It's certainly not going away, it's probably getting worse and what do we do? I think speed cameras could be a way to go forward," Cashmere City councillor Tim Scandrett told Newshub.


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